How PACE works

As an undergraduate student at Macquarie, you undertake PACE by enrolling in a PACE unit, usually in your second or third year of study. 

The components of PACE: PACE units 

A PACE unit will provide you with the academic framework you need to carry out your PACE activity to its best benefit. The framework varies from unit to unit, but would usually consist of a range of lectures, workshops and/or tutorials before you start your activity that provide orientation for your PACE experience, including an outline of assessment requirements for the academic criteria. 

More than 60 percent of students now do PACE as a general requirement in their undergraduate degree so your PACE unit automatically occurs as part of your designated program of study. PACE units for each faculty are listed in the 2015 Handbook.

Faculty PACE units

If you are completing a major or a program which does not currently have an embedded PACE unit, you have the option of completing a PACE activity by enrolling in a faculty PACE unit (room for an elective and program requirements permitting). You can usually choose your own activity or the PACE team in your faculty can help you find one. 

Features of a faculty PACE unit:

  • is undertaken as an elective
  • can be designed to suit your interests and skills
  • puts the PACE activity in an academic framework
  • supports you throughout your chosen PACE experience

 To see more details about Faculty PACE units click on your particular faculty unit below.

You may do more than one PACE unit in your program if you have credit points available for electives. You would usually do this via any of the faculty PACE unit options.

Cross-disciplinary options 

You can choose to enrol in a faculty PACE unit from any faculty, regardless of the discipline your program of study falls within.

Finding a PACE activity

The PACE staff within each Faculty work with partner organisations to match students to activities best suited to their skills and area of study. PACE currently partners with over 900 organisations locally, regionally and internationally so the scope for activities is far-reaching. Depending on what Faculty and discipline you are in, you may need to find your own partner and activity but the PACE staff can always assist with this. If you would like to complete your PACE activity with a particular organisation, please contact the PACE staff in your Faculty to discuss the opportunities. 

Group and individual activities

Some PACE activities are completed in groups and others are completed individually. The number of students required for a certain activity depends on the partner's desired outcome and the academic requirements for the unit. The PACE unit convenors and faculty staff work with partners to decide on the best possible structure to meet these goals. They are also on hand to support you through the experience.

Co-curricular activity options

You may also undertake PACE as a co-curricular activity where you can do a PACE unit alongside your prescribed program of study, but do not receive credit for it. Some of the activities for PACE International fall into this category as many students choose to participate in an international experience as a co-curricular option during their winter or summer vacation.

Are you looking for an elective with a difference?

A faculty PACE unit is an elective that gives you the opportunity to undertake a PACE activity to suit your interests and skills. Check out the latest information on Faculty PACE units:

Would you like to share your PACE story?

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